Liu Zunfeng

Liu Zunfeng
Doctor Researcher 
Liu Zunfeng, Doctor degree, Researcher, College of Chemistry, graduated from Nankai University.
Special Talent:


Telephone: 13114888093

Research Interest: Functional materials of macromolecules

  History of education: 
  1998.9 - 2002.6 Bachelor, College of Chemistry, Nankai University
  2002.9 - 2005.6 Master, Chemistry and Physics of Polymers, Nankai University
  2005.9 - 2008.6 Doctor, Chemistry and Physics of Polymers, Nankai University
  History of research:
  2008.8 - 2009.10 Postdoctor, Leiden University, Netherland, Tutor: Jan Pieter Abrahams
  2009.10 - 2012.4 Project Scientist, Department of Chemistry, Leiden University, Netherlands
  2012.4 - 2012.12 Project Scientist, Medical Science Center of Islams, Department of Biology, Dutch
  2012.12 - 2014.5 Professor, College of Pharmacy and Life Sciences, Changzhou University
  2013.8 - 2015.3 Visiting Scholar, Research Institue of Nano-technology, University of Texas at Dallas, USA
  2014.5 - 2016.6 Professor, College of Materials Science and Engineering, Changzhou University
  2016.6 - 2020.1 Researcher, State Key Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Biology, Nankai University
  2020.1 - now Researcher,  College of Chemistry, Nankai University

Honors and Awards

  1. Top 10 Scientific and Technological Workers, Changzhou, 2014-2015
  2. Excellent Scientific and Technical Worker of Jiangsu Province, 12th, 2016
  3. The Author of 2015 "TOP 100" Scientific Discoveries Paper - Hierarchically Buckled Fibers for Superelastic Electronics, Sensors, and Muscles      4. Winner of Distinguished Young Scholars of Tianjin, 2018

Scientific Achievements & Selected Publications

Since 2015, 21 papers including 2 in Science, 1 in Nat. Commun., 3 in Adv, Funct. Mater., 1 in Small have been published as the first author or corresponding author, 1 paper has been published in Adv. Mater. as the co-first author, and 1 Chinese patent has been authorized.

Professional Cultivation

Doctors graduated: 8          

Masters graduated: 12