Zhao Qing

Zhao Qing 
Doctor degree Researcher 
Zhao Qing, Doctor degree, Researcher,Institute of Applied Chemistry and Engineering, graduated from Nankai University.
Special Talent:

Address:Nankai Univ. union building-A 603, No.94 Weijin Road, Tianjin




Research Interest:Interphase chemistry between electrode and electrolyte Rechargeable batteries.


B.S. in Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Nankai University

B.S. in Business Administration (dual degree of Tianjin University)


Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Nankai University

2017-2021 Postdoctor in Smith School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Cornell University 

2021- present Professor, Department of Chemistry, Nankai University

Honors and Awards

Young talent promotion project of Chinese Chemical Society (2020-2022) 

Excellent doctoral dissertation of Nankai University and Tianjin (2017) 

First Prize of 1st BTR new energy science and technology competition (2021)

Scientific Achievements & Selected Publications

The research focuses on rechargeable metal batteries with a series of progress on building stable interphases for rechargeable metal batteries, optimizing interphase of solid-state electrolytes, and developing advanced cathodes for rechargeable metal batteries. The related works have been known with over 70 published papers and 11 patents (5 authorized) with citations over 7000 times and H-index of 40. As first (co-first) or corresponding authors, the achievements have been published on high influencing journals such as Science, Nature Energy, Nat. Rev. Mater., Sci. Adv.(2), PNAS, Chem. Rev., Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.(4), Adv. Mater.(2), Joule (2), Nano Lett.(2), Adv. Energy, Mater., Acs Energy Lett..

Recent publications

1 Zhao, Q., Stalin, S., Zhao, C. Z. & Archer, L. A. Designing solid-state electrolytes for safe, energy-dense batteries. Nature Rev. Mater. 5, 229-252 (2020).

2 Zhao, Q., Liu, X. T., Stalin, S., Khan, K. & Archer, L. A. Solid-state polymer electrolytes with in-built fast interfacial transport for secondary lithium batteries. Nature Energy 4, 365-373 (2019).

3 Zheng, J.+, Zhao, Q+., (Co-first author) Tang, T., Yin, J., Quilty, C. D., Renderos, G. D., Liu, X., Deng, Y., Wang, L., Bock, D. C., Jaye, C., Zhang, D., Takeuchi, E. S., Takeuchi, K. J., Marschilok, A. C. & Archer, L. A. Reversible epitaxial electrodeposition of metals in battery anodes. Science 366, 645-648 (2019).

4 Zhao, Q., Liu, X., Zheng, J., Deng, Y., Warren, A., Zhang, Q. & Archer, L. Designing electrolytes with polymerlike glass-forming properties and fast ion transport at low temperatures. PNAS  117, 26053-26060 (2020).

5 Zhao, Q., Zachman, M. J., Al Sadat, W. I., Zheng, J., Kourkoutis, L. F. & Archer, L. Solid electrolyte interphases for high-energy aqueous aluminum electrochemical cells. Sci. Adv. 4, eaau8131 (2018).

6 Zhao, Q., Huang, W., Luo, Z., Liu, L., Lu, Y., Li, Y., Li, L., Hu, J., Ma, H. & Chen, J. High-capacity aqueous zinc batteries using sustainable quinone electrodes. Sci. Adv. 4, eaao1761 (2018).

7 Zhao, Q., Stalin, S. & Archer, L. A. Stabilizing metal battery anodes through the design of solid electrolyte interphases. Joule 5, 1119-1142 (2021).

8 Zhao, Q., Yan, Z., Chen, C. & Chen, J. Spinels: controlled preparation, oxygen reduction/evolution reaction application, and beyond. Chem. Rev. 117, 10121-10211 (2017).

9 Zhao, Q., Liu, L., Yin, J., Zheng, J., Zhang, D., Chen, J. & Archer, L. A. Proton intercalation/de-intercalation dynamics in vanadium oxides for aqueous aluminum electrochemical cells. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 59, 3048-3052 (2020).

10 Zhao, Q., Tu, Z., Wei, S., Zhang, K., Choudhury, S., Liu, X. & Archer, L. A. Building organic/inorganic hybrid interphases for fast interfacial transport in rechargeable metal batteries. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 57, 992-996 (2018). (Cover paper)

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