Tao Zhanliang

Tao Zhanliang 
Doctor degree Professor 
Tao Zhanliang, Doctor degree, Professor,Institute of Applied Chemistry and Engineering, graduated from Nankai University.
Special Talent:

Address:Lianhe Building A603, Nankai University, Weijin Road 94#, Tianjin




Research Interest:

Energy Material Chemistry; Hydrogen Storage Materials; Chemical Power Sources


BS, Hebei Normal University, China (1994-1997)

MS, Liaoning Normal University,China(1999-2002)

PhD, Nankai University, China (2002-2005)

Lecturer, Nankai University, (2005-2008)

Associate Prof., Nankai University, (2008-)

Visiting fellow, Wollongong of Univ.(Australia),(2015-2016)

Honors and Awards

The Second Prize of the National Natural Science Award 2011(3rd completed person)

The First Prize of Tianjin Natural Science Award 2011(3rd completed person)

Scientific Achievements & Selected Publications

Have published 50 peer-reviewed papers,4 book chapters, 10 patents. As the first or crossponding author, he has published 22 papers,including Adv. Mater., Nano Lett., Nano Res., J. Power Sources, Nanoscale, and so on.

Dr. Tao has 5 granted Chinese patents.

Selected Papers:

1.Zhang, Kai; Hu, Zhe; Liu, Xue; Tao Zhanliang*; Chen Jun*. FeSe2 microspheres as a high-performance anode material for Na-ion batteries. Adv Mater, 2015,27,3305-3309

2. Wang, Shiwen; Wang, Lijiang; Zhang, Kai; Zhu Zhiqiang; Tao Zhanliang*; Chen Jun*. Organic Li4C8H2O6 nanosheets for lithium-ion batteries. Nano Lett,2013, 9,4404-4409

3.Zhou, Limin; Zhang, Tianran; Tao, Zhanliang*; Chen Jun. Ni nanoparticles supported on carbon as efficient catalysts for the hydrolysis of ammonia borane. Nano Res,7,774-781

4. Guo, Shuang; Li, Haixia; Bai, Hongmei; Tao, Zhanliang*; Chen Jun. Ti/Si/Ti sandwich-like thin film as the anode of lithium-ion batteries. J Power Sources,2014,248,1141-1148

5.Li, Haixia; Bai, Hongmei; Tao, Zhanliang*; Chen Jun. Si-Y multi-layer thin films as anode materials of high-capacity lithium-ion batteries. J Power Sources, 2012,217,102-107

6.Duan, Wenchao; Hu, Zhe; Zhang, Kai; Cheng Fangyi; Tao Zhanliang*; Chen Jun*. Li3V2(PO4)3@C core-shell nanocomposite as a superior cathode material for lithium-ion batteries. Nanoscale,2013,5,6485-6490

7.Sun Weiyi, Hu Zhe, Wang Caiyun, Tao Zhanliang*, Chou Shu-Lei*, Kang Yong-Mook *, Liu Hua-Kun. Effects of carbon content on the electrochemical performances of MoS2–C nanocomposites for Li-ion batteries. ACS Appl Mater Inter, 2016,8,22168–22174

Granted Chinese patents:

1. Tao Zhanliang,Wang Haixia,Cheng Fangyi,Liang Jing,Chen Jun. Method for preparing core-shell nano-Cu @ Co catalyst,ZL201410551953.7

2. Tao Zhanliang,Zhou Limin,Cheng Fangyi,Liang Jing,Chen Jun. Carbon nanotube load on Nano cobalt catalyst,ZL201410106714.0

3. Tao Zhanliang,Guo Shuang,Li Haixia,Chen Jun,Cheng Fangyi,Liang Jing. A silicon based sandwich structured thin film material and preparation method and application,ZL201310113508.8


Chen Jun, Tao Zhanliang, Energy Chemistry,2nd ed.,Chemical Industry Press,ISBN 978-7-122-19018-5,2014

Professional Cultivation
Supervise 8 graduate students,two of them have gotten the National Scholarship.