Li Wei

Li Wei 
Doctor degree Professor 
Li Wei, Doctor degree, Professor,Institute of Applied Chemistry and Engineering, graduated from Nankai University.
Special Talent:New century excellent talents of Ministry of education

Address:Nankai University, No. 94 Weijin Road Tianjin 300071, China



Research Interest:

1. Preparation and characterization of nanometer catalytic materials;

2. Novel catalytic reactions and applications;

3. Preparation and application of nano-coatings.


1991, bachelor degree, Nankai University,

1994, master of Science degree, Nankai University.

1998, doctor of Science degree, Nankai University.

1998~2006, Associate Professor of chemistry, Nankai University。

2006~present, Professor of chemistry (PhD supervisor), Institute of applied chemistry, Nankai University.

Honors and Awards

New century excellent talents of Ministry of education

Scientific Achievements & Selected Publications

More than one hundred papers have been published in J.C., Green Chem., ACS Catal. etc. we have applied 100 China's invention patents and 1 The United States' patent, of which 60 applications are authorized. More than ten research results have been applied in the industry.

Professional Cultivation

Research Group currently consists of 2 Associate Professor, 1 lecturer, 5 PhD, 6 master.