Wang Yijing

Wang Yijing 
Doctor degree Researcher 
Wang Yijing, Doctor degree, Researcher,Institute of Applied Chemistry and Engineering, graduated from Nankai University.
Special Talent:

Address:A504 Tiannan Building 94 Weijin Road



Research Interest:

Admissions professional :Inorganic Chimistry

, Chemical Engineering

Research Interests

Energy Material, such as hydrogen storage material, electrode material, nano-material


Education Background

Sept. 1985– July 1989 Bachelor degree, Dept. Chemistry,Nankai University

Sept. 1991 – July 1994 Master degree, Dept.Chemistry,Nankai University

Sept. 1996 – July 2000 Ph. D., Institute of New Energy Material Chemistry,Nankai University


July1989-Sept.1991 Engineer, Company development of Science and technology consulting, Nankai University

July 1994 –present Lecture(Dec.1996),Associate Professor(Dec.2002) Professor(Dec.2008),PhD Supervisor(April.2010),Institute of New Energy Material Chemistry,Institute of Applied Chemistry, College of Chemistry, Nankai University

Oct.2002-Sept.2004 Post-Doctoral Fellow, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, Tokyo University, Japan

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