Tang Anna

Tang Anna
Master degree associate professor
Tang Anna, Master degree, associate professor, Research Center of Analytical Science,graduated from Nankai University
Special Talent:
Address:Lab302, Chemistry Building (South) , Nankai University, 94 Weijin Road, Tianjin 
Research Interest:Analytical Chemistry 

1998.7 College of Chemistry,Henan normal University for Bachelor of Science

2001.7 College of Chemistry,Henan normal University for Master of Science

2004.7 College of Chemistry,Nankai University for Doctor of Science

2004.7- College of Chemistry,Nankai University, Teacher

2010.9-2011.9 Chemistry and biochemistry,University of Arizona,USA, Visiting Scholar

Honors and Awards

Scientific Achievements & Selected Publications

1.Yue Chun-Yue, Ding Guo-Sheng, Liu Feng-Jie, Tang An-Na*, Water-compatible surface molecularly imprinted silica nanoparticlesas pseudostationary phase in electrokinetic chromatography for theenantioseparation of tryptophan. J. Chromatography A,1311(2013)176-182.

2.Liu Feng-Jie, Ding Guo-Sheng, Tang An-Na*. Simultaneous separation and determination of five organic acids in beverages and fruits by capillary electrophoresis using diamino moiety functionalized silica nanoparticles as pseudostationary phase. Food Chem. 2014, 145, 109-114

3.Hui Li,Guo-Sheng Ding, Jie Chen,An-Na Tang*.Amphiphilic silica nanoparticles as pseudostationary phase for capillary electrophoresis separation, J Chromatogr.A,2010,1217(47),7448-7454.

4.Tang An-Na, *******ao-Nan, Ding Guo-Sheng and Yan Xiu-Ping. On-line preconcentration and enantioseparation of thalidomide racemates by capillary electrochromatography with the hyphenation of octyl and norvancomycin monoliths,Electrophoresis, 2009, 30 (4), 682-688.

5.Xin-Huan Yan, Guo-Sheng Ding,Hui Li, An-Na Tang*.Preparation of silica-based nanoparticle having surface-bound octanoyl-aminopropyl moieties and its applications for the capillary electrochromatography separation of charged and neutral compound,Electrophoresis,2011.

Professional Cultivation
more than 10 graduates.