Prof. Yongfa Zhu visited Centennial Grand Forum of Nankai Chemistry


 On June 11th, Prof. Yongfa Zhu (Tsinghua University), standing vice-minister of National Electron Spectroscopy Center, standing director of China Association for Instrumental Analysis(CAIA), visited Centennial Grand Forum of Nankai Chemistry and gave the lecture “Exploration of All Organic Photocatalysis in Environment, Energy and Tumor Removal”. Prof. Daiwen Pang hosted the lecture, vice president, Acadamician Jun Chen issued Prof. Zhu with the Centennial Grand Forum letter.

 According to Prof. Zhu, prospects of photocatalysis are bright. Key issues such as low activity, low energy efficiency and poor reaction ability are now being conquered individually. Organic photocatalysis is superior for wide absorbance range, high extinction coefficient, simple band-edge control and structure control as well as short mean free path. Beyond basic research, organic photocatalyst is promising in restricting mining pollution, highly promoting decomposition rate and hydrogen production efficiency. It has also aroused academic attention in tumor treatment because of nontoxicity, automatic targeting, internal breaking and deep penetration.

 After finishing the lecture, Prof. Zhu thoroughly answered questions from active participants. The entire meeting ends in pleasantness.

 The Centennial Grand Forum of Nankai Chemistry is one of the main commemorations for the centennial of Nankai University founding department of chemistry. Known scholars , business or government representatives, domestic and overseas, are invited to give lectures, broadening participants’ academic view, inspiring future life. By enhancing academic interaction and cooperation, influence of Nankai chemistry grows, which is helpful for future development.