Student Team from College of Chemistry Wins Team First Prize in Tianjin Chemistry Competition


    (By correspondent Zhu Haiyan and Zhang Sitong) The sixth Tianjin University Students' Chemistry Competition, sponsored by Tianjin Municipal Education Commission and organized by Tianjin University of technology, came to a successful conclusion on May 22. Zhu Haiyan, Mao Yuanhao, undergraduates of 2018 and Le Xiaolin, undergraduate of 2019 of the College of Chemistry, teamed to participate in the comprehensive skill competition for teams, and won the first prize with excellent performance.

     Teams from 17 universities including Nankai University, Tianjin University, Tianjin University of technology, Tianjin University of Technology, etc. took part in the competition. The competition was divided into 5 sections, namely essential question knockout, quick answer, quick reverse, Chemdrawing and project presentation. The content involved a wide range of knowledge including various fields like Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Analysis Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry and laboratory security, which put forward high requirements for the knowledge reservation and reaction speed of the team. Teams were also required to submit a dissertation on an assigned subject before the competition. The team conducted a comprehensive research on the topic of common catalytic reactions in the production of biofuels, and won the first prize in overall evaluation.

     The team was guided and led by researcher ********. Before the competition, ******** gave numerous guidance in such aspects as topic selection, literature search, article structure, PPT display, etc. The final review was recognized by the judges.