Academician Prof. He Tian visited Nankai University Centennial Grand Forum


    On May 26th, Prof. Dr. He Tian (East China University of Science and Technology), Academician of CAS & TWAS and chief scientist of the National 973 Program, visited and had an academic report on Nankai University Centennial Grand Forum, titled “Dynamic Accurate Assembly and Precision Chemistry”. The report was hosted by Academician Chen Jun, Dean of College of Chemistry, Nankai University. 

    Before the report, Prof. Jing Li (Vice President of Nankai University), introduced the background and academic achievements of Prof. Tian and presented him with commemorative certificate of The Great Forums for 100th Anniversary of NKU. 

    Prof. Tian thanked for the invitation of Nankai University. He reviewed the milestones that affected the historical process of chemistry - the emergences and developments of molecular chemistry, to supramolecular chemistry, then molecular self-assembly. Prof. Tian also introduced the latest researching process of his research group and the connection with assembly induced luminescence, bioluminescent imaging of molecular probes, etc. 

    Since Prof. Stoddart created molecular machines in 1991, the field has been greatly developed by a number of scientists. Prof. Tian showed students well-structured molecular machines, from molecular engines to proteins. He discussed the status and outlook of molecular machines and molecular probes. In addition to this, Prof. Tian also encouraged students to concentrate on scientific research and make their own efforts and contributions to the development of chemistry, science and society. 

    By introducing the process of his group, Prof. Tian showed the charm of the combination of molecular assembly and assembly-induced luminescence to the students. 

    After the report, Prof. Tian conducted in-depth exchanges with the teachers and students on the scene. Combining the researching experience of top scientists around the world for more than 20 years, he explained the puzzles of the teachers and students on precision chemistry, induced luminescence and the potential advantages of introducing oncology, in an easy-to-understand way. The discussion deeply impressed everyone present. 

Nankai University Centennial Grand Forum