“Frontiers in Chemistry and Interdisciplinary Sciences-Nankai Summit” launched


    On October 15, the first “Frontiers in Chemistry and Interdisciplinary Sciences-Nankai Summit” was grandly held in the lecture hall of Shixian Building. This academic summit coincides with the 99th anniversary of Nankai University. The College of Chemistry invited 12 distinguished alumni from home and abroad as representatives to gather in Nankai and give cutting-edge academic reports on the development of chemistry and interdisciplinary subjects for celebrating the birthday of Nankai University. 

    Yukui Zhang, who is academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and lecture professor of Nankai University, Qilin Zhou, who is the winner of the Future Science Award and academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the dean of College of Chemistry and academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences-Jun Chen attended the summit. 

    At the opening ceremony, academician Jun Chen delivered a speech on behalf of the College of Chemistry and extended a warm welcome to the experts attending the conference and introduced the development of the college in recent years. Academician Yukui Zhang delivered a speech on behalf of the alumni, expressing deep feelings of gratitude and unforgettable feelings to the Nankai University and offering sincere wishes for the Alma Mater and the College of Chemistry. The opening ceremony was presided over by Prof. Guangxin Liang. 

    After the opening ceremony, Prof. Shuming Nie, from the Grade 1979 (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Prof. Jiushu Shao, from the Grade 1979 (Beijing Normal University), Prof. Jiantao Guo, from the Grade 1991 (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), Prof. Hao Wang, from the Grade 1996 (National Center for Nanoscience and Technology), Prof. **********, from the Grade 1994 (University of Washington), Prof. Shuli You, from the Grade 1992 (Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, CAS), Prof. Liming Zhang, from the Grade 1993 (University of California, Santa Barbara), Prof. Haifeng Du, from the Grade 1994 (Institute of Chemistry, CAS), Prof. Chun Wang , from the Grade 1988(University of Minnesota) and Prof. Shoufei Zhu, from the Grade 1996 (Nankai university) presented the academic reports successively. Academician Yukui, Prof. Jianhua, Prof. Shuming and Prof. Jiushu hosted the reports. They brought a wonderful academic feast to the teachers and students. 

    Chemistry is the science of studying materials change and chemical reactions, the science of explaining the laws of the world from the atomic and molecular level. Chemistry is not only natural science, but also closely related to the life science, environmental science and material science, which plays an irreplaceable role in developing national economy and enhancing national defense security. New journey in the new era, Nankai chemistry will live up to the expectations of the alumni at home and abroad and pursue the excellence to create the chemical highland in the full support of the majority of alumni. 

    On the occasion of the full launch of the centennial anniversary of the Nankai University, we would like to pay tribute to the vast number of alumni who care about, love and support the development of chemistry in Nankai University. We look forward to your coming home, gathering in Nankai campus again and celebrating the friendship and the grand occasion together with you! It honors the extraordinary journey of Nankai in the past 100 years and hopes for the new chapter of Nankai in the new century!