Vice President of Indiana University visited College of Chemistry


    Recently, the Vice President of Indiana University Shawn Reynolds and his team visited College of Chemistry, Nankai University. Dean and CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences) Academician Jun Chen, accompanied with Li Li (Vice Director of the International Academic Exchange Office) and Guangxin Liang (Vice Dean of College of Chemistry), welcomed the visitors in the chemistry building.

    On behalf of College of Chemistry, Dean Chen sent the warmest welcome to the guests and gave a short introduction about College of Chemistry. According to Chen, Nankai’s Chemistry has a deep connection with Indiana University. Former NKU president Shixian Yang and CAS Academician Bingling He, Ruyu Chen and Rongti Chen successive worked or graduated from there. Under the leadership of former president Yang, College of Chemistry has had international cooperation with IU since a long time ago. Dean Chen said the college looks forward to enhancing friendship on this historical ties and undertaking more extensive cooperation with IU in education and research.

    Mr. Shawn Reynolds spoke highly of the academic status and development of College of Chemistry, said Indiana University attaches great importance to the traditional friendship with it and showed deeply gratified and proud of the key role played by IU’s outstanding alumni in the construction of chemistry in Nankai. Mr. Reynolds revealed that Indiana University will send representatives to participate in Academician Bingling He’s 100th birth anniversary on Aug. 24th and President of Indiana University Michael McRobbie, with IU delegation, will visit Nankai University in Sep. when Mr. McRobbie will present the highest award for distinguished alumni of IU - the Thomas Hart Benton Mural - to Mr. He and his wife, CAS Academician Ruyu Chen. Dean Jun Chen expressed his sincere gratitude to the Indiana University on behalf of College of Chemistry and the deceased Academician He and Chen.

    The two sides also exchanged views on the details of Mr. Michael McRobbie's visit and jointly inspected the venue arrangement of the Meeting. After the inspection, Mr. Shawn Reynolds and his team, accompanied by Dean Jun Chen and Vice Dean Guangxin Liang, paid a tribute to the bronze statue of Academician Binglin He and took a group photo.

    Indiana University (IU) was founded in 1820, which is an ancient and famous public research university of the United States. In the past two centuries, it has produced many outstanding talents, including Nobel Prize winners, Pulitzer Prize winners, academicians of American Academy of Arts and Sciences and National Academy of Sciences, winners of Ford Fund, MacArthur Fund. Rockefeller Fund and Forrest Brand Fund.