The research results of Prof. Chen Yongsheng’s group were selected as “2017 China Optics Top Ten Progress”


    Recently, 20 achievements from Nankai University, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics and other institutions were selected as top ten progresses of “basic researches” and top ten of “applied researches” at the “2017 China Optics Ten Progress” conference, held by Chinese Laser Press. The project Solution-processed organic tandem solar cells with power conversion efficiencies >12.7%, led by Prof. Chen Yongsheng (College of Chemistry, Nankai University), was honored to be awarded as one of the  “2017 China Optics Top Ten Basic Researches”.

    Prof. Chen’s group used the strategy of complementary light absorption, based on oligomers DR3TSBDT and DPPEZnP-TBO to construct a stacked organic solar cell device with broad spectral absorption characteristics. This is the highest record of the photoelectric conversion efficiency of organic solar cells reported in the literature, as of the award date. The research achievement was published in Nature Photonics:

    Researcher in the group introduced that, according to the relevant design principles, through the further optimization of materials and devices, the device's various indicators including photoelectric conversion efficiency still have much room for improvement. It is expected that in the near future, more than 15% of photoelectric conversion efficiency will be achieved.

    Next work of our team is mainly to solve the problem of battery life, and further increase the efficiency of energy conversion. It can be believed that the dream of making the organic solar cells from laboratory to possible OSC commercialization will become a reality in the near future. Prof. Chen said.