Ang Li was invited to the Boling Forum


    On May 27th, Professor Ang Li was invited to the Boling Forum, who delivered a lecture named “To Travel and To Arrive--A Journey of Natural Product Synthesis.”

    At the beginning of the lecture, Li introduced historic achievements in total synthesis and analyzed the inherent laws of those delicate natural products. Then he shared interesting anecdotes from leading organic chemists, which brought peals of laughter and enlivened the atmosphere.

    After that, Li talked about how he gradually became a scientist in total synthesis. He recalled his enthusiasm in organic chemistry in college and his advisers’ instructions when he was abroad. He also recalled that he and his team struggled for synthesis after he began individual researches. Besides, he introduced his representative research -- application of electrocyclic reaction on polysubstituted aromatic rings synthesis. His creative design and deep understanding of synthesis enlightened students.

    At last, students asked many questions and Li answered them all. He explained students’ academic questions and shared his own research experience. He encouraged students to challenge themselves; strive for perfection and devote their energies to total synthesis. All students warmly applauded his lecture.

    Resume of Ang Li: Li, born in 1982, is the professor of Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry and the associate director of State Key Laboratory of Bioorganic and Natural Product Chemistry. In 2004, he graduated from Peking University, instructed by Zhen Yang. In 2009, he got his Ph.D in the Scripps Research Institute, instructed by K. C. Nicolaou. In 2010, he was the research fellow of the Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences, Singapore, instructed by K. C. Nicolaou. In September 2010, he was supported by Hundreds Young Academic Leaders Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences.