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    After careful preparation, the English website of our College of Chemistry is finally launched today! Thanks to the support from leaders of the college, cooperation of every department and the faculty, great efforts made by every member, we have a new bridge to connect us with other people working on chemistry and science all over the world. Nankai University is always an international university and the College of Chemistry has close collaboration with foreign colleges. The successful establishment of this website indicates that the College of Chemistry is now an open college for everyone. We are dedicated to being at the forefront of teaching and learning and fostering cutting edge research and discovery.

    Several things you don’t know about this newborn:

    People who get the access to the website can get corresponding information from such sectors as News & Trends, Reports & Lectures, Quick Links and Friendly Links on the homepage.

    If you are not familiar with our College or Nankai University, do not hesitate to press the link About Us on your left.

    If you want to learn something about the awards of a certain professor, or about the details of lectures and report, or the situation of some research teams /platform you are interested in, you can find your answer on the Faculty and the Research sector.

    The Education sector is mainly about Admission, Graduation, and Courses of undergraduates and graduates of the College of Chemistry. If you are curious with students’ life here, you will find what our students do in College life.

    There are many useful links and we sincerely hope that they may help you know us. If you still have any question about out college, please do not hesitate to contact us at once.

    Although we tried to create a perfect website, it is inevitable that there are a few flaws in it. We would appreciate it if you give us your advice on our website. If you find something incorrect or inappropriate, please contact  us immediately.

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    Thank you for your support and any contribution for our website!