Supramolecular Chemist Philip A. Gale visits Nankai University


    Recently, the famous supramolecular chemist, Professor Philip A. Gale from Southampton College of UK visited the Chemistry College of Nankai University, at the gracious invitation of the ‘2011 Tianjin Chemistry Collaborative Innovation Center’, and gave a lecture about Advances in anion and amino acid transport which was chaired by Professor Guo Dongsheng at the Auditorium of Synthetic floor, Elements School.

    During the report, Professor Gale introduced the latest progress of anions and amino acid transport in detail, and especially talked about the nature differences in the Transmembrane ion transport of using different small molecules focus. Professor Gale believes that, in a sense, almost every conceivable life process would be involved in the identification, transportation or conversion of anions.

    After the lecture, the faculties and students of the Chemistry College had a heated discussion with Professor Gale.

    Professor Gale is an internationally renowned scholar in the field of supramolecular chemistry. He has published more than 200 academic papers that are altogether cited more than 16,000 times with the H index of 67, and he serves as the chief editor of the Chem. Soc. Rev., the deputy editor of Supram.Chem., and at the same time a member of the Editorial Advisory Board Publications of the Chem. Commun., etc.