President of Nankai University came to College of Chemistry for a research


    On the first day of the academic year 2015-2016, Gong Ke, the president of Nankai University, and Wang Lei, the assistant of the principal, came to our college to conduct research, with the college leadership team members attending the meeting.

    First, the college leadership team members reported the work they were in charge of, including cases of the students and teachers backing to school, school readiness conditions, and the completion of the summer projects.

    After that, the participants discussed with the leaders of school among the student segmentation and management between the Chemistry College and the Materials College; the conduction of the treatment of the sick student in the Materials College, who was a former student of Chemistry College; the implementation details related to the transfer of the management issues about the scientific research; college disciplines layout and space requirements in the next few years; the potential problems about the laboratory safety management, especially management of hazardous chemicals, etc. President Gong made detailed records, and put forward clear solution ideas and requirements on some of the work.

    Finally, President Gong gave full recognition for the trying and reforming achievements made by the College of Chemistry in recent years. He said that he would provide the experience to other colleges to draw lessons from and bring the problems back to school to resolve. Meanwhile, the president put forward two requests for the recent works of our college.

    First, insisting the spirit of ‘Down to Earth, be determined’ and doing a good job of the 13th five-year-plan. At the premise of making the conclusion of the experience and the insufficient of the 12th five-year-plan, it would be better if the Chemistry College could make big projects and big achievements during the 13th five-year-plan and strive for the first prize of the natural sciences and technology innovation.

    Second, the leadership should strengthen the leaderships Persist in There building, and at the same time take the whole college to make contributions, pay attention to the attitude instruction, listen to the voices of teachers and insist the reform to the end.

    After the investigation, President Gong checked some laboratory Chemistry buildings accompanied by the relevant person in charge.