The 75th Anniversary Celebration of Centenarians Scholar Shen Panwen Vocational Education


    September 10th is China's 31st Teacher's Day. The academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and professor of the College of Chemistry of Nankai University, Shen Panwen is regarded as the example among the faculty. This year, Mr. Shen Panwen has marked his 100th birthday. He has been a teacher for seventy-five years, and he is the one who has taught the longest time in the basic disciplines in China. He’s still teaching undergraduates over the age of 90. Yesterday morning, Nankai University held the anniversary of the professor Shen Panwen’s teaching for seventy-five years and his centenarian birthday.

    Yesterday morning, Mr. Shen was very happy. However, out of the concerns of this centenarian, Mr. Shen Panwen didn’t come to the scene of the General Assembly. He welcomed the honored guests by video interview of September 7th. The family, friends, colleagues, students and school representatives came to the scene from all over the country. Academicians form Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, such as Cheng Jin-Pei, Rao Zihe, Yao Jianquan, Li Zhengming, Song Licheng, Zhang Yukui, Zhou Qilin also came to the scene for Mr. Shen Panwen’s birthday. 

    The Congress first made the book My Educational Life –the autobiography of centenarian Shen Panwen public. The book was divided in years, introducing all the experience and outstanding achievements of Mr. Shen Panwen systematically and comprehensively since 1916 , the year he was born.

    Shen Panwen, born in September 1916, Conghua county, Guangdong Province. He is a famous chemist and educator and one of the founders of Chinese contemporary inorganic chemistry.  During his study in Nankai University, he experienced the Japanese invaders’ bombing in the university, which made his determination to serve the country firmer. In 1940, he graduated from the Department of Chemistry, Southwest Associated University. From then on, he adhered to his beloved chemistry education for 70 years.