Lecture-The final piece of the puzzle for the phase diagram of macromolecular solutions


Topic:The final piece of the puzzle for the phase diagram of macromolecular solutions

Speaker:Academician Chi Wu

Time:9:00 am,Sep.15,2021,Tuesday

Venue:Room 201,Mengmingwei Building


Chi WU, Ph.D., Emeritus Wei Lun Professor of Chemistry and Honorary Professor of Physics in the Chinese University of Hong Kong; In 1982, he graduated from Chemical Physics in the University of Science and Technology of China. After obtaining his Ph.D. in 1987 and then remaining as a postdoctoral both under the supervision of Professor Benjamin Chu in the State University of New York at Stony Brook, he moved to BASF (Ludwigshafen, Germany) in 1989: first as an Alexander von Humboldt Fellow for one year to cooperate with Dr. Wolfgang Schrof under the supervision of Dr. Dieter Horn; and then as a permanently hired staff to supervise the laser light-scattering laboratory in the Dispersion Group, the Department of Solid Stat and Polymer Physics. In 1992, he resigned from BASF to join the Department of Chemistry in the Chinese University of Hong Kong as a Lecturer (British System); underwent a double promotion to Reader in 1996; became a Professor of Chemistry in 1999 and an Honorary Professor of Physics in 2003; and was further appointed as a Wei Lun Professor of Chemistry in 2010. For his significant contributions in profound understanding of conformation, dynamics and phase transition of macromolecular chains in solutions, Professor Chi Wu was elected as a Fellow of the American Physical Society and a Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1999 and 2003, respectively. His research mainly combines synthetic chemistry, polymer physics and molecular biology to design and execute decisive experiments to address certain important problems in biology, macromolecules and polymer colloids, including the development of non-viral vectors for gene and molecular medicines; the nucleation of protein-protein aggregation in neuron-degenerative diseases; the stress-induced stem cell differentiation and its biomedical applications; the design, synthesis and self-assembly of functional macromolecules; the structure and dynamics of polymer solutions and gel networks; and molecular characteristic properties of intractable and special polymers. His current research interest has mainly moved to food science and processing, especially profound processing of soy proteins. For details: http://chiwu.chem.cuhk.edu.hk