Nankai University “Amazing Chemistry” 2021 Summer Camp Successfully Held


    Nankai University “Amazing Chemistry” summer camp was successfully organized in July 13th to 16th, hosting 138 outstanding undergraduates from national key universities.

    Open ceremony was held at July 14th a.m. in Tiannan Building. Deputy party secretary Lida Diao, associate dean Prof. Pingping Tang as well as representatives from each discipline attended. Prof. Tang hosted the ceremony.  

    Mrs. Diao first warmly welcomed all the campers on behalf of the College. She said that the historic College of Chemistry, after efforts for a century, has been an important national base for chemistry education and research. Summer camp offers a nice opportunity to learn and communicate, she wished everyone gain in knowledge and further join Nankai Chemistry with passion. Postgraduate student representative, Jingyi Luan from Class 2019, shared life in campus to campers. Prof. Pingping Tang, then, starting from college history and current discipline construction, expressed the vision of “exploring chemistry frontiers, serving national economy”. Professor representatives Zhenjie Zhang, Dingbin Liu, Mengchun Ye, Wei Xie, ********, Zhiqiang Niu and Zhijin Fan provided a comprehensive introduction, giving campers insights into each major. 

    After the ceremony, seven majors set separate sessions to talk with campers. Faculty members answered questions on discipline features, faculty members, postgraduate training and research tasks.

    In addition to visiting discipline labs, campers also toured college buildings including Chemistry Building, IEOC, Meng Minwei Building and made good response. 

    “Amazing Chemistry” summer camp has attracted wide attention among college students in China and successfully held 9 sessions since its opening in 2012. This three-day camp offers various forms of communication, including discipline introduction, young scientist symposium, serial academic presentations and lab tour. The faculty, at the same time, completely examine campers through written tests and interviews, so as to select outstanding ones for further study in Nankai. The camp would draw many an elite, bring more qualified students, thus gather strength for constructing world-class chemistry discipline.