100th Anniversary Ceremony of the Chemistry Discipline of Nankai University was Held


    On the morning of October 16, the 100th Anniversary Ceremony of the Chemistry Discipline of Nankai University was held at Balitai Campus.

    Wang Weidong, vice mayor of Tianjin, 28 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, including Yao Jiannian, Yang Xueming, Wang Erkang, and leaders of Nankai University, including Yang Qingshan, Cao Xuetao, Chen Jun, Qu Kaiattended the ceremony.

    On behalf of Tianjin Municipal Government, Wang Weidong expressed his warm congratulations to Nankai University on the centennial establishment of the chemistry discipline. He hoped that Nankai chemistry would continue to give full play to the advantages of talents and technology research, to break through the technologies in key fields, promote the market-oriented transfer of scientific and technological achievements, and make new and greater contributions to Tianjin in terms of accelerating the construction of a strong manufacturing city and achieving high-quality economic development. With this centennial as a starting point. 

    On behalf of the Chinese Chemical Society, Yao Jiannian extended his most sincere greetings and blessings to all the teachers and students of the chemistry discipline of Nankai University and its alumni at home and abroad. He said that the School of Chemistry, Nankai University was awarded the right to host the 54th International Chemistry Olympiad (2022). This international event for young chemistry enthusiasts returned to China after 27 years, reflecting the importance of Chinese chemistry in the international academic community and demonstrating the profound heritage and worldwide influence of Nankai chemistry.

    On behalf of the Chemical Sciences Division of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Yang Xueming expressed his warm congratulations to Nankai Chemistry’s centennial. He said that, for a long time, Nankai chemistry has taken the initiative to undertake the research of various national natural science foundation projects and has become an important base for chemistry research and teaching at home and abroad. The Chemical Sciences Division of the Natural Science Foundation would strive to manage science funds and, with Nankai chemistry,  vigorously promote the development of chemistry disciplines in China.

    On behalf of the university, Yang Qingshan extended a warm welcome to the guests and alumni. He said that chemistry is the traditional pillar discipline of Nankai University, and the university would continue to support the chemistry discipline to rank top worldwide, to strengthen the breakthrough from 0 to 1 in basic research, to make efforts in promoting the solution to problems in key fields, and to join hands with sister institutions in contributing to the development of education and science and technology in China.

Tang Yong


Ma Xinbin

Cheng Jianjun


Luan Jingyi

    Academician Tang Yong, director of the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, *******ng, dean of the School of Chemical and Molecular Engineering, Peking University, and Ma Xinbin, dean of the School of Chemical Engineering, Tianjin University, spoke as representatives of sister research institutes and university faculties, respectively. Cheng Jianjun, an alumnus of the Class of 1989, Nankai Chemistry, *******aoye, a distinguished research fellow of the School of Chemistry, and Luan Jingyi, a master student of the Class of 2019 of the School of Chemistry spoke as representatives of alumni, teachers and current students, respectively.

    Representatives of the International Chemistry Olympiad Committee, German Applied Chemistry, and Chemical Sciences sent their congratulations by video.

    Professor Zhu Shoufei, dean of the School of Chemistry, reviewed the development of Nankai Chemistry in the past 100 years. 

    The centennial of the chemistry discipline of Nankai University has received positive regard and strong support from a large number of alumni. On the occasion of the commemorative conference, three alumni, Zhao Guofeng, Kan Ying and Zheng Baofu, have initiated and donated RMB 160 million to establish the Nankai University Chemistry Discipline Development Fund. In addition, since the release of the Nankai University Chemistry Discipline Climbing Plan in 2020, the accumulated donations from alumni totaled RMB 6,581,990. 

(Reported by Lan Fang, Correspondent Zhang Yapeng, Photographed by Zong Qiqi and Nie Jici, edited and translated by Nankai News Team.)