Nankai Chemistry Foundation 100th Anniversary Series Released


    Year 2021 is the significant moment for Chemistry Discipline of Nankai University as her 100th anniversary. Since established in 1921, Nankai Chemistry has adhered to the school motto “Dedication to public interests, acquisition of all-round capability, and aspiration for progress with each passing day” and built up. Trials and vicissitudes bore testimony to her path. In a hundred years’ voyage, Nankai Chemistry always stays committed to our nation and grounded to fact, educating people with rigorous standards and strict spirits.

    To mark the centennial, College of Chemistry has planned Nankai Chemistry Foundation 100th Anniversary Series, including Centurial Brief History(1921-2021), Centurial Works, Centurial Education, and Centurial Contributions. Currently, the three of Centurial Works, Centurial Education, Centurial Contributions are officially published,the draft of Centurial Brief History(1921-2021) has been worked out for soliciting comments and is expected to publish by the year end. The creation and contents of each work are briefly overviewed below.

Nankai Chemistry Centurial Brief History(1921-2021)(draft)

    Nankai Chemistry has made important contributions to national economic construction and technology development, having great influence at home and abroad. The book comprehensively restores and records the development process of faculty, educating, scientific research and all kinds of important events since the establishment of chemistry discipline, exhibiting works and dedication of Nankai Chemistry members for generations. We also gain new data via abundant original files and documents, family members of chemistry discipline pioneers and seasoned academics, network and digital resources. The book contains centennial voyage (recording key figure and historical events), centennialalbum (showing photos and graphics, among which are photos of historic values), centennial chronicle (a chronological presentation that records the important events in discipline development), each part tells story of chemistry discipline in Nankai with varied emphases.

Nankai Chemistry Centurial Works

    There are unforgettable names that shine in Nankai Chemistry history: Zongyue Qiu, Shixian Yang, Kezhong Zhang, Jianhan Zhu, Zhenheng Gao, Binglin He, Ruyu Chen, Rongti Chen, Panwen Shen, Jitao Wang, Tianchi Chen…Their lives were tightly connected to China’s development and also Nankai Chemistry’s, thus long live, highly respected. The book records outstanding members from Nankai Chemistry since 1921 who were devoted to research, education and administration, 108 in total, including academicians, Distinguished Professors, Cheung Kong Scholars, winners of National Outstanding Youth Science Fund, academic leaders and so on. They are different in era and in experience but their achievements indicate the same passion for Nankai Chemistry and for education career.

Nankai Chemistry Centurial Education

    For decades, educators have silently infused generations with profound knowledge, selfless dedication and self-discipline. For a century, students from Nankai Chemistry followed the school motto and strived for a stronger and rejuvenated nation. Thousands of graduates become backbones of China. The first part eventful years collects articles from nine graduates before the founding of PRC, including first chemistry graduate Kejie Zhao, renowned chemical chemist Yangang Zhang, and Shouchang Wang, leader of the December 9th Movement, Zili Jiang, leader of  China National Democratic Construction Association. The 2nd part academicians contains stories of 9 chemistry graduates who have become academicians. The 3rd part student essays gathers 60 student articles from all ages, in which are history retrospection as well as gratitude for receiving education in Nankai.

Nankai Chemistry Centurial Contributions

    Since establishment of Chemistry Department of Nankai University by Zongyue Qiu in 1921, Nankai Chemistry has fostered plenty of qualified people for national development and always worked for national strategic needs. We make best efforts for Chinese chemical industry rising: Institute of Applied Chemistry cooperated with Lizhong Acid Plant and Yongli Soda Plant, broke Japan’s monopoly for acid and alkali production in Northern China; the first Malathion pesticide and the resin for uranium enrichment in China contributed to food security and nuclear industry. The book logs main scientific achievements of Nankai Chemistry, presenting our glory in texts and pictures. Over a hundred research achievements are recorded, covering all the national first prizes and provincial first and second prizes(as first completion unit), and also researches that contribute to society significantly. 67 of final drafts are collected, uncompleted list attached.

    The cover design is novel and the color is elegant. Nankai Chemistry elements blend in artfully, exquisite and refreshing. The contents are weighed and affectionate, arousing resonance of everyone in Nankai Chemistry.

    During compiling and publishing, we gained support from Nankai University publicity department, the press, the archives, office of human resources, also from faculty, alumni and the community. We would like to send our deepest thanks to all of you. Special thanks to Shaochun You(1979 Chemistry alumni) who funded the publication of Centurial Brief History, 1994 Chemistry undergraduate alumni who funded the publication of Centurial Works, 1990 Chemistry undergraduate alumni who funded the publication of Centurial Education, Dynamiker Biotechnology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. for funding the publication of Centurial Contribution.

    Nankai Chemistry Foundation 100th Anniversary Series is officially published on Oct. 16th, 2021. For purchase, please contact Nankai University Press marketing department(tel:022-23508339, Teacher Yao).