Alumni Entrepreneurs of Nankai Chemistry Make a Tour of Jinnan District



    On the afternoon of October 16, alumni entrepreneurs of Nankai Chemistry made a tour of Jinnan District. 26 alumni entrepreneurs of Nankai Chemistry visited Jinnan campus of Nankai University and the Exhibition Center of Tianjin Zhigu Innovative Development Complex and had a symposium with the Management Committee of Haihe Education Park. College of Chemistry signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Management Committee of Haihe Education Park at he symposium.

    On that day, the group of alumni entrepreneurs first came to Jinnan campus of Nankai University, where they visited the library under the guidance of Yanxia Liu, the Party Committee Secretary of the library. On the seventh floor of the library, the alumni watched the sandbox of Jinnan Campus construction with great interest, and enjoyed the panorama of Jinnan Campus and Haihe Education Park from the viewing window. At the Museum of Ancient Books on the sixth floor, alumni visited the library collection of ancient books and the ancient book restoration studio. After visiting the reading room and self-study room, they marveled at the abundant book collection, the complete facilities and humanized service of the library, which together provided a comfortable reading and learning environment for teachers and students.

    Having finished the tour of Jinnan Campus, the alumni came to the Exhibition center of Tianjin Zhigu Innovation Development Complex, where they watched the promotion film of Jinnan District and the exhibition of various innovation elements of the Complex. Through the scientific and technological achievements and information on  educational resources, talent policy and other aspects displayed in the museum, entrepreneurs reached to a deeper understanding of the development concept and resource advantages of Haihe Education Park.

    Later, the group went to the North Zone Management Center of Haihe Education Park to hold the 2021 Jinnan Symposium of Alumni Entrepreneur of Nankai Chemistry. Shoumin Zhang, the College Party Committee Secretary, and Ting Zhan, Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Tianjin Haihe Education Park, together with the representatives of alumni entrepreneurs of Nankai Chemistry, superintendent for alumni work of College of Chemistry and leaders of Education Reform Department, Science and Technology Innovation Department and Industrial Development Department of Management Committee of Haihe Education Park, attended the symposium.

    At the symposium, Ting Zhan first congratulated to the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the chemistry discipline of Nankai University, and welcomed the arrival of the alumni entrepreneurs of Nankai Chemistry and representatives of College of Chemistry. Then he introduced the park to the entrepreneurs from three aspects: general situation, advantages and development of the park. Taking advantage of its rich educational resources and centering on the two mainstay of education service and industry induction, Haihe Education Park will gradually build itself into a gathering place of technology, innovation and education, he said. He also expressed the hope that the symposium would deepen understanding and promote cooperation of both sides.

    Shoumin Zhang thanked the Management Committee of Haihe Education Park for the warm reception, and highly praised Jinnan District and Haihe Education Park for their layout and strategy. He said that the location advantage of Haihe Education Park bears great significance on a nationwide scale, and it has made remarkable achievements in both the construction of the park and policy support, which provides favorable conditions for the bilateral cooperation. The two sides will continue to cooperate in talents training, scientific research and achievement transformation. At the same time, he encouraged alumni entrepreneurs to continue communication, deepen understanding and promote cooperation with the Management Committee of Haihe Education Park in the future.

    Subsequently, alumni entrepreneurs discussed with relevant departments of Management Committee of Haihe Education Park on topics like talent subsidies and project implementation requirements. Guofeng Zhao, graduate of 1992 and chairman of Jiurixin Materials Co., Ltd., said, This activity broke the habitual thinking of Haihe Education Park, and we will increase the communication with the management committee in the future, and constantly seek the possibility of cooperation.

    At the symposium, College of Chemistry and the Management Committee of Haihe Education Park signed a strategic cooperation agreement, which marked the further strengthening of the relationship between the two sides and would speed up the efficiency of potential projects in the future. The two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in the transformation of scientific research achievements and the exploration of alumni and enterprise resources.

    This activity has built a platform for communication and cooperation between outstanding alumni entrepreneurs and Jinnan District, which is of positive significance in accelerating the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the integration of industry and education, the sharing of resources, and promoting the collective development of the district and school.

    It is reported that the Management Committee of Haihe Education Park will continue to strive for development, building industry-study-research-use bases and increasing policy support in talent subsidies, scientific and technological innovation project so as to attract more talents and enterprises to settle down. It will take action to stimulate the internal vitality of Haihe Education Park, and lay a strong foundation for the construction of Haihe Education Park.