Nankai Chemistry Heads for World First-Class: The Achievements and Prospects of the Faculty Members in 2021


    In retrospect, the year 2021 witnessed the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the ending of the 13th  and the opening of the 14th Five-year Plan, as well as the centennial of the establishment of Chemistry Discipline of Nankai University. In 2022, the beginning of the new century for Nankai Chemistry, it is prepared to create new brilliance.

    On Janurary 7th, the eve of the 3rd anniversary for President Xi Jinping’s inspecting of Nankai University, College of Chemistry hosted the faculty conference in Balitai Campus, in order to sum up the experience in the past, and open up a way for the future. Zhou Qilin and Bu Xianhe, the Academicians of Chinese Academy of Science attended the conference. Part of the representatives of retired teachers attended together with the faculty members.

    Always staying true to its original aspiration, Nankai Chemistry is devoted to the quality education and scientific research to bravely shoulder its cause. The Leader of the College of Chemistry reviewed the achievements of the College in the past several years along the down through history of the development of the chemistry discipline in the last century, and forecast the 14th Five-year Plan and the new round of “double first-class” construction scheme. Since President Xi Jinping's inspection to the university, the Party Committee of the Collefe of Chemistry has won the title of National Advanced Grassroots Party Organization; Prof. Chen Jun was elected academician of the Academy of Sciences for Developing Countries, Prof. Bu Xianhe was elected academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Prof. Zhou Qilin won the title of National Outstanding Professional and Technical Talent. The college has won more than ten national and provincial scientific research achievements awards, among which academician Zhou Qilin's project The discovery of efficient Chiral Spiral Catalysts won the first prize of National Natural Science in 2019. Besides, the construction of frontier cross-platform of the college has achieved fruitful results. The  Frontier Science Center for New Organic Matter is expected to be put into use during the 14th Five-year Plan. The Haihe Laboratory of Sustainable Chemical Transformations is officially listed, and actively declared and promoted the Science Group of Material Creation and Application in Tianjin. These achievements showed the virtue of Nankai University and the characteristic of Chemistry discipline, and gave out an exciting answer paper.

    On the conference, College of Chemistry presented awards to the faculty and staff who have made outstanding contributions to education and teaching, scientific research and innovation, and the development of the college in 2021. Prof. Ma Jiangong delivered a speech as the representative of outstanding teachers in education, teaching and scientific research innovation, Prof. Zhu Zhiang delivered a speech as the representative of retired teachers.

    “As the main force of quality education, the faculty member should think more about ‘who we are training people for’. ” said Zhu Zhiang, “Nankai Chemistry has a profound foundation, and the spirit of the old generation of Nankai Chemists is long-lasting. The new generation of Nankai Chemists should have firm confidence, gather strength, stand at a new starting point in the new century, and create brilliance again.”

The participating teachers also reviewed the 100th Anniversary of the Chemistry Discipline of Nankai University, and awarded prizes to the advanced groups and individuals who worked hard in the discipline celebration activities.

    Nankai Chemistry has started its new century-long journey based on its achievements in the last century.” Li Jing fully affirmed the achievements of Nankai Chemistry in personnel training, scientific research, social service, discipline construction and other aspects in his concluding speech. He pointed out that, Nankai Chemistry shoud always bear in mind the earnest instructions from President Xi Jinping, carry forward the glorious tradition of “struggle for the motherland, dedicate to the public interests, acquire all-round capacity and aspire to progress with each day”, fully carry out the fundamental task of moral education, accelerate the sprint for world-class disciplines. The chemistry discipline must promote the multi-dimensional, whole-process and high quality construction of a three-inclusive education pattern, and focus on cultivating first-class chemical talents with social responsibility, patriotic sentiments, innovative consciousness and practical ability, who are able to Take up the task of national rejuvenation in the future.

    “By the white river where ships do cross, Great is our Nankai Spirit...” The conference ended with the chorus of Nankai school song.