The 54th IChO Preparatory Problems Have Been Released


As of February 23, 2022, the Scientific Committee of IChO2022 China has completed the distribution of preparatory problems and solutions to all the national contacts of participating countries in batches by e-mail.

The Scientific Committee of IChO2022 China has issued  the preparatory problems to help students understand the type, difficulty and safety aspects of the test questions according to the rules of the competition. The preparatory problems include 28 Theoretical questions and 9 Practical questions, containing 6 topics of advanced difficulty for the Theoretical part and 3 topics of advanced difficulty for the Practical part. Under the careful supervision of the Scientific Committee, the design of the problems covers several factors of different historical periods and cultural backgrounds, takes into account both the difficulty and interest of the problems, and creates a pleasant competition atmosphere. For example, in the problems related to copper, the Scientific Committee takes the Chinese bronze “Hou Mu Wu” Ding as an example. This problem involves knowledge of copper smelting history. When it comes to the problems related to silicon and crystallization, the elements of Tianjin Zhang clay figurines are involved. Additionally, as to the topics related to alchemy, the relevant elements of the investigation of Napoleon's cause of death are mentioned.

The work of the International Chemistry Olympiad Committee is progressing in an orderly manner. The Olympic Committee will hold a press conference at the end of March to issue invitations to the teams of participating countries; the team formation work of each country will be carried out in early April.