College of Chemistry Holds Reception for Exchange Students from University of Kashgar


In the morning of November 3rd, College of Chemistry held a reception as well as a discussion meeting to warmly welcome the arrival of exchange students from College of Chemistry and Environmental Science, University of Kashgar. Zhang Shoumin, Party Secretary of the College, attended, and Tang Pingping, Deputy Dean, presided at the meeting. Shao Xueguang and Zhang minghui, tutors in charge of the joint education program, participated in the meeting together with relevant teachers of the Graduate office and Student Work office.

At the meeting, Zhang Shoumin welcomed the three exchange students and gave a brief introduction of the College of Chemistry. As partners of pairing assistance, the College of Chemistry of Nankai University and the College of Chemistry and Environmental Science of University of Kashgar have always maintained a good cooperative relationship with each other, and the exchange this time is the result actively promoted by both sides, he said. For the students who come to study in Nankai, the College will provide great support in scientific research and living security, and help them adapt to the life in Nankai as soon as possible. At the same time, he stressed the importance of laboratory safety, requiring students to complete safety training before entering the laboratory.  

Professor Shao Xueguang reviewed his experience of supporting University of Kashgar as a “Tianshan Scholar”. He expressed his will to work together with the students for the success of inter-university cooperation, as well as his wish for a long-term exchange program. Professor Zhang Minghui introduced the situation of the research groups to the students, and encouraged the students to work hard to hone their characters and make achievements in Nankai University.

Ma Jing and Li Yuxin, teachers of the Student Work Office, encouraged students to actively participate in campus activities, experience the atmosphere of Nankai in various aspects, and better integrate into their lives in Nankai.

The three students also expressed their pleasure to be the first batch of exchange students to study in the College of Chemistry of Nankai University. They appreciated the learning platform and all kinds of help provided by the College, and would stay in Nankai with their feet on the ground and work hard to make the trip worthwhile.