The registration system for the 54th International Chemistry Olympiad is officially open


May 20, 2022, the registration system for the 54th International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO2022) is open. All confirmed participants/teams are listed on the official website of IChO2022 (

The Organizing Committee will send Registration Process of IChO2022, a document detailing the registration process, to the teams who have replied to confirm their participation. After receiving the email, teams need to upload their registration information by June 15.

Each team will be composed of 2 mentors, 4 students, 2 invigilators, several observers and guests. The registration system will collect the names, photos, date of birth and other basic information of the participants. The participating teams can choose the most suitable examination time, invigilation method and payment method.

The official launch of the registration system means that the countdown to the opening of IChO2022 has begun. The Organizing Committee will actively continue the preparatory work, and strive to provide a wonderful International Chemistry Olympics festival for the world.

Coincidentally, May is known as xiaoman (simplified: 小满, it mains ‘grain buds’), the second solar term of summer, the 24th Chinese solar term. The ‘24 Solar terms are the product of China’s ancient farming civilization. It is not only a season system to guide agricultural production, but also connected with rich folk customs. The meaning of xiaoman mainly refers to the fullness of wheat. Xiaoman expresses ancient Chinese confidence in life and desire for a good life.