Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry was founded in 1921. In 1991, she has been approved as the first national chemical training base, and the first batch of key construction disciplines of the national 211 Project. Currently, Department of Chemistry is composed of Division of Inorganic Chemistry, Division of Organic Chemistry, Division of Physical Chemistry and Chemical Experimental Teaching Center. There are 77 members of staff, including 32 professors, 19 associate professors. On the aspect of team building and talent development, there are 1 academician of Chinese Academy of Science, 2 leading talents of Ministry of Education, 4 Distinguished Young Scholars named by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2 Excellent Young Scholars named by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 7 New Century Excellent Talents awarded by the Ministry of Education, 1 National Teaching Masters, 4 Tianjin Teaching Master.

In scientific research, the main research directions include: functional coordination chemistry, bio-inorganic chemistry, nano-inorganic chemistry, inorganic/organic hybrid materials, organometallic chemistry, physical organic chemistry, organic synthetic chemistry, supramolecular chemistry, chemical reaction kinetics, computational chemistry and molecular simulation. In recent 5 years, the chemistry faculty has been and is undertaking a number of national and provincial projects, including 2 973 programs, 1 863 program, 2 national talents funds for basic sciences, 6 national key funds. In 2003, Tianjin Key Laboratory including Metal and Molecule Based Chemistry and Advanced Energy Material Chemistry were established. In 2010, the research team of Prof. Yu Liu won the 2nd State Natural Science Award.

n terms of teaching, Department of Chemistry implements the major theoretical and experimental teaching courses of undergraduate and graduate students in Colleges of Chemistry, Life Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Medicine, and Pharmacy. In 2006, the first national experimental teaching demonstration center was established. On the aspect of course construction, there are 2 national teaching teams (Inorganic chemistry, Basic Chemistry Experiment), 3 national excellent courses, 2 Tianjin excellent courses, 1 national quality video open class. There has been more than 20 items of national and provincial teaching achievement award, including: 2005 Advanced Chemical Resource Sharing Platform won the 1st National Teaching Achievement Award, 2009 Modern Nankai University Chemistry Textbook Series won the 1st National Teaching Achievement Award, 2009 national experimental teaching demonstration center as a platform to cultivate innovative high-quality chemical outstanding talent won the 1st Tianjin Teaching Achievement Award, 2013 Structural Chemistry Course won the 1st National Teaching Achievement Award, 2013 Physical Chemistry Courses Teaching Team was elected as Tianjin grade teaching team.