Research Center of Analytical Science

In 1952, Prof. Tian-Chi Chen et al. initiated the discipline of analytical chemistry in Nankai University, which was one of the advance discipline point of analytical chemistry in China. In 1952, according to the needs of state construction, the mineral analysis course was established. In 1954, the subject of analytical chemistry was founded. In 1958, undergraduates in this discipline can be recruited over the nation. This discipline point got the qualification to award master degree and doctor degree in 1981 and 1990 respectively under the leadership of Zhong-Jian Yu, Hui-Ming Shi, Han-Xi Shen and Xi-Wen He. In 2007, the discipline of analytical chemistry was promoted to be the state key discipline. From 2000, we have introduced and trained a group of young academic leaders, including Distinguished Young Scholars named by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and New Century Excellent Talents awarded by the Ministry of Education. In 2013, the Teaching and Research Section was combined with Central Laboratory to form the Research Center for Analytical Science (the Research Center for Analytical Science was under the direct management of the College of Chemistry in Nankai University).

The Research Center for Analytical Science has the complete modern analysis instruments and the total area of laboratories is more than 2000 m2. It currently possesses 30 teachers in whom 13 are professors and 5 are associate professors. There is not only a teaching and scientific research team with high level, but also a team whose personnel possess the national certification of measurement and testing.

In the section of scientific research, the Research Center for Analytical Science has 5 main research areas: proteomics and metallomics, environmental analytical chemistry, biochemical reagent and gene detection technique, molecular recognition and biochemistry sensing, chemical information. It has distinct subject characteristics in the research areas of coupling technique, biochemical reagent, molecular recognition and chemical information.

In the section of teaching, the Research Center for Analytical Science undertakes the teaching work of theory courses and experimental courses in Analytical Chemistry and Instrumental Analysis for specialties of chemistry, material science, life science, medical, pharmacy and environmental science in the whole school.

In the section of social service, the Central Laboratory which belongs to the Research Center for Analytical Science has passed the National Metrology Authentication since 1995. The Central Laboratory has operated according to the rules of the National Metrology Authentication for many years, and has finished the testing works of Metrology Authentication for a lot of society users.